Saturday, March 24, 2007

& so long kc

In the 80's my sister me made a tape of some rare 45s that her jerky boyfriend stole from a party in hollywood. The 45s were in a shoe box that contained only the late Ds and all of the Es of someone's collection. Here's one I really wish I could hear:

From 'The World's Rarest Funk 45s: sixteen heavyweight super-tough deep funk ultra rarities."

Dinosaur Gardens would know what to do. Also there was a girl band's cover of the Jarmel's song "A Little Bit of Soap", the most manic loveliness. Starts with an "E" but I don't recall their name. Anyway, in looking around for it I came across Daniel Johnson's sweet sadsack rendition, sorry no link, and an awesome early 60s band from Hong Kong called The Fabulous Echoes covered it too. No link for their version either but here's an Echoes dance jam

party times